005 - Are You Killing Your Own Dreams?

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Episode 5 - Are You Killing Your Own Dreams?

  • Thought of the Day - “Are You Sabotaging your own dreams” 

  • Like This Quote - Our Subconscious mind and habits can make or break our dreams  

    • What is self sabotage 

    • Foods your eating

    • Drinks & Alcohol

    • Netflix & Tv Shows

    • Social Media

    • Chores & Busy Work 

    • What i find myself doing when I’m moving away from my dreams

  • Follow Me Quote - Reprogram your subconscious, and reinvited your daily habits 

    • Admit & Recognize your self sabotaging habits

    • Identify what & When we are in those modes

    • Take action in finding new outlets and habits

  • Influencer Tip Of the Day - Austin from living with the grays

    • Would you recommend getting a gimbal or a vlogging camera

004 - 3 Identity Changing Tips

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Episode 4 - 3 Identity Changing Tips

My week and the two encounters

  • Are you a confused Person? What if you are confused? 

  • The story of the first encounter 

  • How to Identify if you are confused

  • The most common reason why people are confused

  • How to figure out your purpose

  • What is the First Step you should take to get out of confusion (your identity)

  • The Feeling of Anxiety. Where does yours come from?

  • How do we handle confusing in our business

  • The Story of the Second encounter

  •  How do you identify if your business is confusing 

  • The first step you should take to clarify your business (niche and purpose statement)

  • My Statement - “I created a membership service that aids and develops aspiring influencers into successful entrepreneurs by leveraging video and photography skills!”

  • Asking the right questions

  • Why should anyone what to work with me over anyone else?

  • Who is my target market?

  • 3 tips to find more clients paying clients

  • Reverse engineering your market

  • Knowing who you are as a business

  • Knowing who and where your target audience is

003 - What Type Of Person Are You?

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Episode 3 What Type of Person Are You?

  • Welcome

  • My Week

  • Three types of people

  • Confused - People who don't know what they want out of life

  • Frustrated - People who know what they want but don’t do it

  • Fulfilled - People who know what they want and they do it

    Which one are you?

    Spend the week thinking about it, finding out more about yourself identify which person you are and why. And over the next couple of weeks we are going to talk about what you need to do to get out of the first two

002 - 3 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way

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Episode 2 Get YOU out of your way

  • Welcome

  • My Week

    • Encouraging others

    • Getting off Track

  • Audio Submission

  • Message Response

    • Complacency

    • Value of time -

    • 9 to 5 versus Residual income

    • We are told and groomed to want and desire a 9 to 5

    • Others see me in us

    • Is youtube the right thing

    • How hard is it

    • How far youtube has come

    • No Faith and no Fear

    • Building your wings on the way down

    • Excuses of affording cameras , how can i versus why i cant

  • 3 ways to Get out of your own way

  1. Understanding that what you are doing now may not be for you

    1. Does it give to energy or does it drain your energy

    2. Making Excuses to defend what we are doing

  1. Understanding ourselves better

    1. Emotional intelligence

    2. Knowing our strengths

  1. Stepping outside of our comfort zone

    1. Being uncomfortable

    2. Believing in ourselves

001 - Influencer Podcast Introduction

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What is this podcast about

Creating the life you want

Creating fulfillment in joy in the work that you do

How to shift your thinking

Changing and bettering your personal life

Action plans - How to get into action

Tips tricks and common questions and problems

What does entrepreneurship look like - guest

Tell a story about your friend

What are people asking for

Who is it for

People who are looking for a change or shift

People who are looking to discover their full potential

People who want to start and maintain a healthy business