002 - 3 Ways to Get Out of Your Own Way

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Episode 2 Get YOU out of your way

  • Welcome

  • My Week

    • Encouraging others

    • Getting off Track

  • Audio Submission

  • Message Response

    • Complacency

    • Value of time -

    • 9 to 5 versus Residual income

    • We are told and groomed to want and desire a 9 to 5

    • Others see me in us

    • Is youtube the right thing

    • How hard is it

    • How far youtube has come

    • No Faith and no Fear

    • Building your wings on the way down

    • Excuses of affording cameras , how can i versus why i cant

  • 3 ways to Get out of your own way

  1. Understanding that what you are doing now may not be for you

    1. Does it give to energy or does it drain your energy

    2. Making Excuses to defend what we are doing

  1. Understanding ourselves better

    1. Emotional intelligence

    2. Knowing our strengths

  1. Stepping outside of our comfort zone

    1. Being uncomfortable

    2. Believing in ourselves