004 - 3 Identity Changing Tips

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Episode 4 - 3 Identity Changing Tips

My week and the two encounters

  • Are you a confused Person? What if you are confused? 

  • The story of the first encounter 

  • How to Identify if you are confused

  • The most common reason why people are confused

  • How to figure out your purpose

  • What is the First Step you should take to get out of confusion (your identity)

  • The Feeling of Anxiety. Where does yours come from?

  • How do we handle confusing in our business

  • The Story of the Second encounter

  •  How do you identify if your business is confusing 

  • The first step you should take to clarify your business (niche and purpose statement)

  • My Statement - “I created a membership service that aids and develops aspiring influencers into successful entrepreneurs by leveraging video and photography skills!”

  • Asking the right questions

  • Why should anyone what to work with me over anyone else?

  • Who is my target market?

  • 3 tips to find more clients paying clients

  • Reverse engineering your market

  • Knowing who you are as a business

  • Knowing who and where your target audience is