005 - Are You Killing Your Own Dreams?

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Episode 5 - Are You Killing Your Own Dreams?

  • Thought of the Day - “Are You Sabotaging your own dreams” 

  • Like This Quote - Our Subconscious mind and habits can make or break our dreams  

    • What is self sabotage 

    • Foods your eating

    • Drinks & Alcohol

    • Netflix & Tv Shows

    • Social Media

    • Chores & Busy Work 

    • What i find myself doing when I’m moving away from my dreams

  • Follow Me Quote - Reprogram your subconscious, and reinvited your daily habits 

    • Admit & Recognize your self sabotaging habits

    • Identify what & When we are in those modes

    • Take action in finding new outlets and habits

  • Influencer Tip Of the Day - Austin from living with the grays

    • Would you recommend getting a gimbal or a vlogging camera